The following Presentation Categories are offered:

01 Science
This category of submissions for presentation at WONCA 2012 encompasses the results of original scientific investigations relevant to General Practice/Family Medicine.
02 Art
This category of submissions for presentation includes experiences and observations made in daily clinical practice which do not fulfil the strict criteria of biomedical research, in particular regarding research methodology or statistical analysis.
03 Workshops
This category describes an educational seminar or gathering emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among a rather small number of participants. It is usually started with a short presentation by a speaker initiating the interaction.
04 Symposia
This category of submissions refers to a specific session within the conference for in depth discussion of a selected defined topic, usually with a few presentations by experts in the field.
05 World Café
This category of submissions refers to the methodology where multiple conversations to a given topic build on each other to explore the issue in question more deeply. The World Café is usually organized into groups of four or five people per table rotating from table to table between up to 20 minutes conversational rounds. At the end, the groups should summarize their key findings and present them to the entire audience.
06 Open Space
This category of submissions refers to a methodology where individuals without prior groupings or agendas participate and which accept the agenda and groupings that arise from the meeting process. The topic is proposed at the beginning by a promoter (who also submits it as an abstract to the scientific committee) and interested colleagues spontaneously join in for this conversational exercise.
07 Country Reports
This category of abstracts refers to short and comprehensive reports about the field of General Practice/Primary Health Care to the Health Care System in a given country.
08 Poster and One Slide/5 Minute Presentations
All submissions for poster presentations or submissions selected for poster presentation by the scientific committee will have the opportunity to present their key findings or key messages in one slide which provides visual support for a short oral presentation with a maximum presentation time of three minutes, followed by two minutes of questions by the audience.