VdGMPreconference Information
We are very happy to have you in our preconference with the generous support of your national college of General Practice (GP)/ Family Medicine (FM). The following information will help you to get an idea of what VdGM and VdGM Preconference entails.

What is the aim of the VdGM Preconference?
Preconference participants have a great opportunity to get an interesting introduction to the idea of being a GP in a European context and to strengthen the exchange of ideas, experiences and visions. Discussions with colleague-trainees or new GP's from all over Europe will widen your perspectives and horizons, as stated in the Mission statement of VdGM:

Our mission is to extend our knowledge of GP/FM in a European perspective and to exchange ideas and experiences with the purpose to develop and improve GP/FM in Europe and at home.

What's the content of the Preconference?
The theme of this year's preconference is "The art of becoming a General Practitioner".

Preconference participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. 1.have an introduction to GP/FM medicine in a European Context (definition of General Practice/Family Medicine) and discussion in workshops about it.
  2. 2.get acquainted with different Country profiles: health systems organization, status of GP/FM and vocational training programs.
  3. 3.discuss and elaborate visions for the future of GP/FM. The following themes will be part of group work sessions, which is greatly supported by facilitators:
    - to improve practice, quality, teaching and research of General Practice/Family Medicine in all European countries.
    - development of family medicine to meet the needs of patients in an increasingly complex field within a rapidly changing society with rising demands from individuals and ever-growing medical possibilities.
    - working conditions corresponding to the needs of the upcoming generation of family doctors.
    - Exchange in GP/FM

There will be an introduction with a visionary speech at the beginning and a plenary session with presentation of all group works at the end of preconference.

When Preconference will take place?
Preconference starts on 3rd July 2012 with registration at 15.00 and will end early enough on 4th July to enable participants to attend the exciting WONCA Europe Opening ceremony.

The registration fee for the Preconference is 50 €.

Who are the preconference participants?
The preconference is open to every trainee or new GP, who wishes to participate. However, in order to give every country the chance to participate and to ensure equality, there will be a two-stage registration:

  • Initially, the National College and junior organizations of all European countries will be invited to select one delegate per country for the preconference (the deadline of this stage is 15th February 2012).
    Please do not apply or transfer a balance until you have been confirmed to be the selected delegate for the preconference. Your national Europe Council delegate will help you to.
  • After the above mentioned initial stage, there will be a registration period open to everyone who would like to participate.
    The trainees and new GPs who would like to join the preconference, but its country already delegated another person, can contact the Europe Council delegate in order to apply during this open-registration period.

Where can I get further information?
After nomination through the president of your national college/organisation of GP/FM you will you will get mails with detailed information from VdGM and a personal registration form. If your country already has a Europe Council member you can contact him/her for further information.

Information is available online on and and will be updated regularly.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it